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Welcome to weelunk.com. We strive to be a relaxing place for Wheeling people to hang out and make things happen. Kind of like the Fort Henry Club used to be, but with less cigar smoke. Heck, you can choose your own level of cigar smoke. Unless you’re joining us from inside the Casino, then you get what you get. But I digress. What we’re really about is making Wheeling a great place to live and work. As a website, our role is to provide people with an honest accounting of what’s current, and the tools, connections, and information they need to shape future happenings. We encourage our users to be active in the community, to shop locally, and to VOTE!

Commenting Policy

Weelunk aspires to be a place of enjoyment, civility, and can-do attitude. However, there seems to be an army of trolls out there who would like to make it the opposite. As such, we have to hold onto the reins tightly. We reserve the right to remove comments that violate common decency or the following guidelines.

1) Don’t spam. If you have something that our readers may be interested in buying, advertise it with us.

2) Behave yourself. No personal attacks, senseless rants, violent threats, or hate speech. This isn’t like the rest of the internet- you’ll see other users at Kroger. Don’t make it embarrassing for yourself.

3) Moderate your language. Sometimes it’s necessary to use strong words so we won’t ban them outright, but don’t make using them a habit and don’t use them to run afoul of Rule #2. We’re less lenient on pictures- NSFW is not safe for Weelunk either.

4) If what you have to say is your opinion, then phrase it as such (“I think…”). If fact, then cite your source.

5) Don’t do anything on our site that is illegal. Don’t post illegal pictures, and don’t upload copyrighted works- instead link to the original or a legal copy.

6) If we ban your account, don’t just make another and think we won’t figure it out.

By commenting on Weelunk, you implicitly agree to abide by our Commenting Policy.

OK, so that’s the negative stuff. On the flip side, we want you to post lots of great, informative comments and to meet new and interesting people here.